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You only have your immune system to fight off this virus, says woman who recoverd from Covid-19

One of the first 50 people to test positive for Covid-19 says only your immune system can fight off the deadly virus.

“If you feel that you are showing symptoms, the best thing you can do is self-isolate and quarantine. You have only got your immune system to fight this virus off,” Megan said during a coronavirus broadcast hosted by the DA on Thursday.

Megan, who did not want her surname published, joined interim DA leader John Steenhuisen and chief whip Natasha Mazzone virtually to provide a first-hand and personal account of her experience with the virus and give tips to South Africans during the 21-day lockdown.

Megan said she believed she contracted the virus while overseas.

“We were away overseas, the one night we went to a busy pub for my brother’s birthday, it must have been that night we contracted that virus.”

She added she had experienced different flu-like symptoms than that of her family members.

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“We were very stressed when we first found out. I was worried for my dad and brother because their symptoms were bad.

“What gave us peace of mind is our doctor from the Department of Health checked on us every day.”

As there is no cure for the deadly virus – which originated in Wuhan, China – Megan said she took medicine to help ease symptoms but the fight to stave off the virus was left to her immune system.

“There is nothing that you can take for the virus itself but you can take medication to ease your symptoms. It comes down to staying hydrated, rested and allowing your immune system to fight it.”

Megan said South Africans should use this time during the lockdown to stay healthy and positive.

“It is just about staying healthy and looking after ourselves during this time in every way.

“Staying hydrated is the most important thing, even if you lose your appetite. [Consume] tea, juice, soup, fruit, fresh colourful food and Vitamin C as a supplement. If you cannot get supplements you can find this in your diet,” she added.

As of Wednesday, the country has recorded 1 845 Covid-19 cases, with 18 deaths.

Gauteng remains the province with the highest number of cases at 782.

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