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Will Italy’s mafia gain control after Covid?

“If you are hungry, you are looking for bread, it does not matter which oven it is baked from and who is distributing it.” — Roberto Saviano

The mafia loves a crisis.

The bigger the better, for Italy’s infamous jackals.

While Covid-19 wreaks havoc on Italy, killing thousands, overwhelming the medical system and devastating small business, the vaunted mafia — from the historic Cosa Nostra in Sicily, to the immensely powerful ‘Ndrangheta in Calabria and trigger-happy Camorra in Naples — are eager to turn threats into opportunities.

Police in Italy are looking the other way, and that’s not a good thing.

The crisis situation has shifted law enforcement’s focus to enforcing lockdown measures, Fox News reports.

And though the lockdown has cut into their traditional sources – prostitution, drug trafficking and extortion – mafia groups have begun taking control of struggling businesses and individuals desperate for some cash.

The Economist Intelligence Unit said it expected Italy’s GDP to contract by a colossal 7% for the year. Italian experts say some 65% of Italian small and medium businesses are at risk of bankruptcy, AFP reported.

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