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WATCH | Ramaphosa’s mask mishap

Maybe he just couldn’t bear to watch the country suffering another week of lockdown.

Otherwise, it appears that at least one of the skills that will become a reality for the foreseeable future – how to put on a cloth face mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus – still needs some practice in the Union Buildings.

“May God continue to bless South Africa, and continue to bless her people,” President Cyril Ramaphosa concluded his speech on Thursday evening, in which he announced how the country will phase out from the lockdown.

He looked straight at the camera for a moment, nodded, took a small step backwards and brought his cloth mask to his face. His fingers fumbled with the straps, the elastic band sprung out of his right hand, he grabbed the band again, got it over his ear and the mask ended over his eyes…

As he pulled it down, it popped off again, but he quickly put it back on, turned to his left and walked out of shot, his right hand in front of his chest.

Within minutes, memes started doing the rounds and a Twitter challenge was born, proving that South Africans’ sense of humour haven’t been dimmed by the lockdown. And if the president doesn’t want to see the memes, he can just put on his mask…

lockdown stages
lockdown stages

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