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Top 5 M East-N African vacation spots 2020-21

The Middle East and North Africa are colorful canvases of amazing cultures, thrilling adventures, welcoming locals & great places and activities to enjoy with your loved ones, friends and family. 

The two regions offer infinite possibilities of amazing experiences to be discovered and moments that you will cherish forever. Whether you want to rekindle your love life in a romantic getaway, enjoy an amazing trip with your family, or just fly solo and soak it all in, here are the top five Middle East tour destinations that you should visit in 2020-2021.

1.) Egypt

Egypt is home to over 3000-year-old Pharaonic civilization that continues to dazzle and amaze the world to this very day. It is the best place for a holiday if you’re looking for a rich cultural experience, some R&R in sunny sandy beaches, a cruise across the waters of the Nile, and more. The trick to making the most out of your trip lies in picking the right places to go, here are some quick pointers.

If what you’re looking for is traditional sightseeing and visiting the historical highlights of Egypt, then Cairo, Luxor & Aswan are your best bet. Most of the landmark sites Egypt is known for are located in these cities, making great destinations to include in your Egypt travel packages.

Just a highlight of the richness of these 3 cities, the Pyramids of Giza, Mighty Sphinx, the Egyptian museum of antiquities, the New Grand Egyptian Museum ( still under construction), the Valley of the Kings are all located in Cairo, Luxor & Aswan. 

Old Cairo is the best destination for anyone looking to relive the “the good old days.” It is home to the famous Khan el Khalili Bazaar, the Hanging cathedral & the famous Hosary area. Old Cairo connects you with Islamic and Christian architecture displayed in the numerous mosques & churches. 

On a day trip in Cairo, you will get to appreciate the details of the handmade products of the Khans craftsmen & enjoy a refreshing mint tea surrounded by laughter, humor and the company of the locals in a coffeehouse or “kahwa”.

Finally, for some crisp sunlight, a swim in the clear blue waters of the sea & some beach fun, visit the Red Sea. The red sea is surrounded by coastal cities & resorts. Hurghada, Dahab, and Sharm el-sheik are just some of them that offer top tier accommodations, beautiful coasts, diving & snorkeling areas.

The best time to explore Egypt differs based on what you want to do during your trip.

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