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Shaky rationale for ‘punishing’ China for Covid-19

Men and women range themselves into three classes or orders of intelligence: You can tell the lowest class by their habit of always talking about persons, the next by the fact that their habit is always to converse about things, the highest by their preference for the discussion of ideas,” said famous English historian Henry Thomas Buckle, the author of an unfinished History of Civilization in England.

This amazing man, who in 1840 spent almost a year traveling with his mother and sister across Europe, “studied the language, literature, and history of each place they visited,” according to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Buckle was an example of a sophisticated gentleman, often described as “the Father of Scientific History,” with an ability to conduct discussion on a very high level.

Although I’m not pretending even to come close to the height of his intellectual capabilities,
he has somehow inspired me to broaden the spectrum of my inquiry related to the Henry Jackson Society’s report addressed in my opinion article for CGTN (China Global Television Network).

In order to set the bar higher than I did last time, I decided to check if similar demands regarding China were made in recent days, and then tried to draw a conclusion on the common underlying idea.

As I found out, in the US itself, there were two articles published on April 6 covering the very topic of the British neoconservative think-tank’s report. The first was published by National Review magazine and titled “How to make China pay,” and the other was published by The National Interest magazine, titled “China should pay a financial cost for its coronavirus lies.”

In the case of the former, written by John Yoo, the Emanuel S Heller Professor of Law
at the University of California at Berkeley, a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and Ivana Stradner, a Jeane Kirkpatrick Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, we can see a clear dissatisfaction with the United Nations’ inability “to force China to remedy the harm it has caused,” especially complaining about the Security Council and the World Health Organization, which was accused of “selling out to China.”

The particular grievance of Yoo, an undoubtedly eminent legal scholar, was related to China’s and Russia’s “permanent right to veto any Security Council resolution” and the fact
that “China’s annual funding of the organization has increased to $86 million since 2014 (a rise of 52%).” Reading between the lines, the law professor from Berkeley also didn’t forget to mention the WHO’s director general and the institution’s alleged favoritism toward China at the expense of Taiwan.

What is interesting in the attacks aimed at the WHO and Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is that they are being repeated by other right-leaning figures and politicians. US Senator Martha McSally calls Tedros a “communist” and urges him to step down. Senator Marco Rubio (known for his sadistic tweet about a tortured Muammar Gaddafi aimed at Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro) in an article titled “Is the World Health Organization putting the world’s health first?” expresses deep concern over Taiwan’s treatment by the international organization and portrays himself as a typical “white savior.” US Representative Liz Cheney calls Dr Tedros, Ethiopia’s former health minister, “a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party.”

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