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Romania bans exports of cereals amid virus crisis – POLITICO

Romanian Interior Minister Marcel Vela | Robert Ghement/EPA-EFE

The step is aimed at securing domestic supply during the coronavirus crisis.



Romania announced an export ban on certain cereals as part of new measures to cope with the coronavirus outbreak, national media reported.

Calling it an “extremely important provision,” the country’s Interior Minister Marcel Vela on Thursday said: “During the state of emergency, the export of the following products is prohibited and suspended: wheat, barley, oats, maize, soybeans, flour, seed oil, sugar, biscuits, cakes, everything related to bakery.”

The step is aimed at securing domestic supply during the coronavirus crisis, Vela told reporters.

Other EU countries can still buy the listed products from Romania if they can prove they need them internally and would not export them, under the military decree presented by the minister.

“Intra-EU acquisition of agricultural products can be done only if a member country proves that the purchased products are intended for own or community consumption, and not for export,” the document read.

The decree also stipulates commercial fishermen and beekeepers are allowed to leave their homes to work despite Romania’s far-reaching movement restrictions.

There are strict lockdown measures in place in the country, which declared a state of emergency March 16.

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