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RBI Covid-19 continuity managers wear hazmat suits

With India’s central bank asking most of its staff, except the top management, to work from home in the wake of Covid-19, a team is working out of an unknown location to ensure continuity of the country’s financial system.

A group of 150 people, including 37 officials from critical departments of the Reserve Bank of India, such as debt management, reserve management and monetary operations and third-party service providers, is now in charge of the operation. This crack team wears hazmat suits and has been working out of a hotel since March 19, Business Standard reports.

They keep the central bank’s information technology infrastructure functional to run the payments and settlement system and other functions from the secured data centres. The support staff of the hotel, numbering 69, have been told not to leave the premises. They handle the kitchen, front desk, security and maintenance of the hotel.

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