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PODCAST | Covid-19 Chronicles: South Africans stranded abroad are locked down, locked out

Thousands of South Africans are trapped abroad, unable to return home due to the strict lockdown regulations in place to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

They are running out of funds and options as each day passes.

Many feel abandoned by the South African government and are desperate for help. But, in far-flung countries with sometimes inefficient South African embassies, hopes for a rescue mission are fading fast.

In this the third episode of the Covid-19 Chronicles, we speak to Darren Bergman, the DA spokesperson for international relations and cooperation, who is trying to assist those who are stranded.

We also speak to South Africans trapped abroad, desperate to return home, but who instead find themselves both locked down and locked out. 

Finally, if you missed the previous episodes of this brand new podcast series, listen to it on SoundCloud here.

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