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Officials fear lockdowns leading to divorces

For the past two months, most of China has been working from home — many of them, for the first time in their lives — ordering groceries to their doorstep with little human contact, and avoiding unnecessary social activities outside of their households, due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

During this unprecedented nationwide quarantine many Chinese couples have been forced to re-examine their relationships in confinement — and to vent their feelings online, Radii China reported.

In fact, for many married couples, the lockdown was a period that revealed the “true side” of their spouses.

But as cities gradually return to their normal routine, there has been a flurry of news and discussion about divorces rates rising all over the country, leading many to speculate that there may be a post-Covid-19 divorce phenomenon waiting in the wings, the report said.

In Dazhou, in western China’s Sichuan province, the head of the local marriage office told Pear Video that they had seen a surge in couples divorcing since the office reopened on February 25, the report said.

“With all the appointments for divorces that have been made,” he said, “we will be fully booked up to the end of March.”

Elsewhere, districts in the city of Xi’an, in northwest China’s Shaanxi province, reported an “unprecedented” number of divorces once marriage offices reopened on March 1. The hashtag “Xi’an divorce appointment explosion” has gained 32 million reads to date on Weibo.

Similar reports of divorce appointments being fully booked until the end of April are circulating across major cities in China, the report said.

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