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NASA’s Orion spacecraft one step closer to the moon

NASA’s Orion spacecraft passed a crucial final round test for the planned Artemis lunar program this week and Elon Musk’s dream of a viable satellite constellation got a big boost despite an engine failure.

The testing was performed at NASA’s Plum Brook Station testing facility in Sandusky, Ohio.

According to NASA, the spacecraft “aced” the tests that included thermal vacuum and electromagnetic interference performance checks, The Indian Express reported.

The Orion spacecraft is meant to fly the Artemis mission that is expected to “return the next American man and deliver the first American woman to the surface of the Moon by 2024.″

Things aren’t going as usual at NASA because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The space agency’s Marshall facility announced that it’s limiting access to “mission-essential personnel” after one staff member tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday night, the report said.

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