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More ‘stringent’ measures in WC as Covid-19 infections continue to rise, it’s now up to 57

The Western Cape government introduced “more stringent measures” to contain the spread and impact of the coronavirus in the province and the message was simple: If you show any sign of being sick, stay at home.

“The number of positive cases in the Western Cape currently stands at 57,” reads a statement from the provincial government, which was released on Friday afternoon.

“At this stage, 15% of the caseload is aged over 60, which is a higher risk group.”

On Thursday, there were 46 cases in the Western Cape.

On Friday, the provincial Department of Health made live an online self-assessment tool which will help residents determine whether they need further, medical assessment. It can be found here.

“We urge people to use this tool to assess themselves and, should they meet the case definition, to call the either the national (0800 029 999) or the provincial (021 928 4102) hotline to determine the next steps,” reads the statement.

“Those who are able to are urged to stay at home. Minimise physical contact as far as possible. If you must leave your home, ensure that you are keeping a two-metre distance between yourself and others.”

The province is urging people to reduce contact wherever they can.

“If employers are able to allow their staff to work from home, they must make this decision. Where this is not possible, we urge employers to ensure that their employees are able to keep a distance between themselves and others, and to ensure working environments are hygienic.

“As we head into the weekend, we strongly advise people to avoid gatherings where they may be in close contact with others. We all need to be doing everything we can to stop the spread.”

The Western Cape government has also started Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of cases to best respond to new infections.

Meanwhile, the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) closed the following facilities on Friday:

  • The Archives reading room (researchers can still send through email or telephonic requests for assistance);
  • All Western Cape government cultural facilities;
  • DCAS-funded after-school centres.¬†

Heritage Western Cape remains open for applications but encourages members of the public to make applications electronically and engage with their offices via email rather than coming into the building.

The following museums affiliated to the department will be closed:

  • Bartolomeu Dias Museum;
  • Beaufort West Museum;
  • Caledon Museum;
  • Cango Caves;
  • Cape Medical Museum;
  • CP Nel Museum;
  • Drostdy Museum;
  • Fransie Pienaar Museum;
  • Genadendal Museum;
  • George Museum;
  • Great Brak River Museum;
  • Hout Bay Museum;
  • Hugenote Memorial Museum;
  • Jan Danckaert Museum;
  • Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum;
  • Montagu Museum;
  • Old Harbour Museum;
  • Oude Kerk Volksmuseum;
  • Paarl Museum;
  • Robertson Museum;
  • SA Fisheries Museum;
  • SA Sendinggestig Museum;
  • Shipwreck Museum;
  • Simons Town Museum;
  • Stellenbosch Museum;
  • Togryers Museum;
  • Wellington Museum;
  • Wheat Industry Museum; and
  • Worcester Museum.

– Compiled by Jan Gerber

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