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Modly reverses course after bizarre rant to sailors

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly’s tenure at the Pentagon appears to be in question.

In the span of one day, the head of the Navy told the crew of the USS Teddy Roosevelt their fired captain was “stupid,” stood firmly behind his words, only to apologize to the Navy and to Capt. Brett Crozier and his family, just a few hours later.

Modly’s public humiliation was set after the Pentagon leadership refused to support him or his vindictive comments, which shocked rank and file sailors.

The day began when Modly unleashed an emotional, 15-minute diatribe over the aircraft carrier’s public address system lambasting not only former Capt. Brett Crozier — currently isolated after being stricken with Covid-19 — the ship’s crew, the press, and Joe Biden, while telling the sailors how difficult the situation was on him personally.

During his speech, some of the ship’s sailors could be heard loudly rejecting central points he made, the report said.

When Modly asserted that Crozier’s letter was demoralizing to some sailors, someone shouted: “No, we weren’t!” At another moment, a sailor can be heard yelling, “He was trying to help us!” 

Later in the day, he issued a defiant statement after audio of his speech leaked, declaring, “I stand by every word I said.”

But after the top Pentagon spokesman declined to support him during an afternoon press conference, and negative public sentiment poured in, Modly reversed course:

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