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Johnson under pressure over return to work plan

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to return to work soon after his recovery from Covid-19, as pressure mounts on his government to explain how to get the UK out of lockdown.

Johnson, 55, has been recuperating at the British prime ministerial retreat, Chequers, outside London since his release from hospital on April 12.

He spent three days in intensive care and later admitted that “things could have gone either way”, forcing him to take it easy before returning to the political fray.

But there have been increasing signs his return to Downing Street could be imminent, after officials said he had spoken to Queen Elizabeth II and also US President Donald Trump.

Trump on Thursday said Johnson was full of “tremendous energy” and sounded “incredible” when they talked on the phone. 

“I was actually surprised… he was ready to go,” he told reporters.

The Daily Telegraph, Johnson’s former employer, suggested he could be back at his desk on Monday, and hold briefing meetings with individual cabinet ministers.

But Health Secretary Matt Hancock was more cautious, despite the prime minister’s progress. “I spoke to him yesterday, he’s cheerful, and he’s ebullient and he’s definitely on the mend in a big way,” he said on Friday. 

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