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Iran’s Social Security Organization needs resources to provide unemployment benefits

TEHRAN,Iran, April 21


Iran’s the Social Security Organization (SSO) requires more resources to provide unemployment benefits, Iranian economist and university professor at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Jafar Kheyr Khan told Trend.

“There has been economic recession due to sanctions, while the coronavirus spread has caused many people to lose their jobs. So, instead of individuals paying insurance fees to help the Social Security Organization (SSO), they are now in need of unemployment benefits, which in turn, creates pressure on the government,” he added.

“Iranian government is obligated to assign resources an allocate a budget for these individuals and provide support,” Khan added.

“The worst possible thing during this situation is that if the Central Bank of Iran decides to start printing money – this would increase the inflation rate. The best option is to use surplus properties to provide aid to low-income families,” he said.

“This can help the government during this sensitive situation,” he added.

“There have been changes in payments but there has not been a change in insurance rates and regulations and the current resources of the Social Security Organization are low,” he said.

“The lack of long term plan for these issues and unexpected incidents have shocked the organization,” he added.

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