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Coronavirus news and live updates: Cases top 218,000 globally

The Mexican and Israeli foreign ministers tweeted on Thursday that their respective nationals were on special flights exiting Peru.

Peru announced a sudden border closure on Sunday that left many foreigners stranded. Peru has 234 reported coronavirus cases and one confirmed death.

On Thursday, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz tweeted a video showing a cheering group of passengers, many wearing face masks, aboard a plane in Lima. Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard retweeted Subsecretary Maximiliano Reyes Zúñiga, who wrote that a flight from Lima to Mexico City took off late on Thursday with 154 passengers aboard.

The situation for Americans: Meanwhile, Americans stranded in Peru have been calling on US authorities for help. A Google spreadsheet maintained by a user who says her father is among the passengers stranded in Peru currently has more than 1,600 entries for stranded Americans.

Here’s what President Donald Trump said about the Americans currently stuck in Peru at a news conference on Thursday: 

“We’re trying to get them out. And, you know, they got caught. They were late with their flights. We gave them a period of time. They didn’t make it, but we’re looking to get them out with military, probably through the military.”

Another way out? However, information on the US Embassy in Lima’s website appears to suggest that private airline carriers could take the stranded Americans home. The Embassy published a link to an Avianca Airlines signup page for passengers in need of international flights and wrote that anyone interested in the offer “should respond immediately.” The Embassy also listed phone numbers for major airlines that operate flights between Peru and the United States.

American students stranded in Cusco, Peru told CNN on Thursday that they are eager for the US State Department to assist them in returning home.

“Bring us home,” student Erin Hill told CNN: “Thank you (State Department) for the work and hours you’re putting in. Everybody here wants to get home.”

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