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Coronavirus live updates: Death toll rises above 150,000 worldwide

Classrooms are empty of children as many schools remain closed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Jasmin Merdan/Moment RF/Getty Images

The virus that causes Covid-19 has been relentlessly preying on adults around the world for months, while largely sparing children. Although children are not directly affected by the illness, their health is undoubtedly being at risk in our collective new reality.

Before Covid-19, my clinic in New York City used to be filled with children coming in for checkups, vaccines and minor illnesses. Parents in my community always erred on the side of bringing their kids in right away when sick rather than waiting at home, to make sure whatever they had “was not serious.”

The new coronavirus changed everything. Parents are now afraid to take care of some of their children’s basic health needs.

Although children have, as a group, been largely spared by the illness, families are now making a new calculation: to some, the risk of exposure to Covid-19 seems greater than the benefit of vaccinating on time or that of promptly seeking medical attention for minor illnesses and injuries.

For these families, our efforts to explain the measures we have taken to keep their children safe while in the office don’t seem to offer much reassurance.

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