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China’s Covid-19 fight shifts to key cities

Now that the contagion crisis in Wuhan and the rest of Hubei province has eased substantially, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have become the new battlefields in the campaign against the still-spreading novel coronavirus, not from within but from hordes of returning overseas Chinese.

China’s all-out war to eradicate the pneumonic epidemic has shifted away from Wuhan, the breeding ground of the pathogen, to the country’s three largest urban centers because the spike in the number of returning Chinese who have become infected while overseas is threatening to vitiate China’s efforts and sacrifice. This is happening after almost two months of excruciatingly far-reaching measures, such as city and community lockdowns and travel bans, were starting to pay off.

On Monday, Wuhan reported just four new infections, compared with at least 10 passengers exhibiting symptoms who were intercepted and then tested positive for Covid-19 in Beijing, bringing the city’s tally of imported cases to 31, according to figures released by the local government. Guangdong has also rushed to isolate four infected passengers.

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