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Cases top three million amid lockdown exit plans

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Confirmed coronavirus cases have now topped three million worldwide, as hard-hit France and Spain were on Tuesday set to detail their exit strategies from lockdowns imposed to stem the spread of the deadly disease.

As countries begin to chart their path out of shutdowns, US President Donald Trump said the devastating pandemic could have been “stopped at the source” by China, suggesting the United States may seek damages.

More than 209,000 people have been killed around the world by Covid-19, a quarter of them in the US.

“We are not happy with China … we believe it could have been stopped at the source. It could have been stopped quickly and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world,” Trump said of the disease that emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year.

Click on the link at the top to see a live version of virus information. Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering produced this website, which displays statistics about deaths and confirmed cases of the coronavirus, or Covid-19. Image: Johns Hopkins

The three-million figure probably reflects only a fraction of the actual number of infections, as many countries are testing only the most serious cases.

When asked about a German newspaper editorial that called on China to pay Germany US$165 billion in reparations for economic damage done by the virus, Trump said the US could take its own action to hold China accountable.

“We are talking about a lot more money than Germany’s talking about,” he said. “We haven’t determined the final amount yet. It’s very substantial.”

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