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Azerbaijan’s Regional Development Public Association creating web portal for those who need help and want to render it (UPDATE)

Details added (first version posted on 17:48)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 6


Azerbaijan’s Regional Development Public Association is creating a social web portal for those who need help and those who want to render it, Trend reports on April 6 referring to the association.

The association is creating the portal that will virtually unite people who want to render social assistance to low-income families in Azerbaijan during the special quarantine regime within the measures being carried out by the Azerbaijani government to combat coronavirus.

After people in need of assistance, as well as individuals and legal entities wishing to help them, are registered on the website, their coordination will be ensured and appropriate assistance will be rendered.

The goal of the project is to support the state social policy, bring together people who want to help those in need and also strengthen civic solidarity in this sphere.

The received requests will be considered by the association. The bags with food products will be prepared and delivered to those in need in a short time.

The association reminded that people in need of food, low-income families, and those who want to help them, may appeal either online or by calling the association’s call-center via 150.

To prevent the wide spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in Azerbaijan, the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers temporarily suspended the activity of several facilities during the special quarantine regime announced till April 20, 2020.

Due to the increased risk of infection of people older 65, they are forbidden to go to the street.

To minimize communication among people, the process of leaving houses and apartments is regulated in a special manner.

As people older 65 are not allowed to leave the houses, volunteers of the association render assistance to the individuals of this category in all districts and cities of the country, provide them foodstuffs and render various social services.

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