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ANC wants stimulus package to reignite ailing economy

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the ANC wants the government to implement a strong stimulus package to reinvigorate the economy that has been battered by Covid-19. 

These measures are envisioned to ensure social support for the unemployed and poor, the NWC said. 

The NWC on Monday held a video conference, where party members spoke of measures to mitigate the impact the virus has had on the economy. 

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule said in a statement that the coronavirus pandemic has weighed down on an economy that was already bruised, suffering high unemployment rates. 

He said the NWC, while pleased with some measures government has already taken regarding the economy, said the overall plan was “insufficient given the magnitude” of the crisis. 

Already, the government has implemented some measures, like expanding the capacity of the UIF and ensuring food security. 

Stimulus package

“The NWC, echoing the Alliance Political Council, therefore calls for an effective stimulus package that will enable us to effectively respond to the crisis.”

Magashule said there must be targeted social support for the unemployed.

“…government must look at a minimum income support grant that covers those currently falling outside of social grants, particularly informal workers and the unemployed.”

He said the plans must be implemented in a “manner that recognizes our realities and leave no person behind. In whatever we do, in all our responses, we must act according to the spirit of and commitment to social equity and justice as advanced by our Constitution.”

Magashule added that the ANC and its alliance partners will therefore spare no effort in mobilising the broadest range of sectors towards a social compact against Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the NWC also condemned the vandalising of schools during the lockdown, defying the prohibition of alcohol and incidents of undue use of force by security forces against communities

-Compiled by Alex Mitchley

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