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Airlines may adopt new social distancing seating

On your next international flight, you may actually have room to stretch — the dreaded “middle” seat may fly empty.

Airlines are making plans to fly jets only two-thirds full when travel restrictions are finally lifted, amid fears that it will take up to two years for the aviation industry to recover from the novel coronavirus crisis, China Daily reported.

There will be no quick rebound from the pandemic situation, according to the International Air Transport Association, or IATA, global airline revenues are now forecast to drop by more than half — US$314 billion — in 2020, and it warned that the industry’s “outlook grows darker by the day.”

IATA said that carriers were likely to be forced to leave the middle seat vacant when normal commercial flights resume to maintain social distancing, the report said.

The most common single-aisle jets, used for short-haul flights, would cut seats available from 180 to 120, which could mean higher prices for passengers.

The trade association’s latest estimate adds a further US$62 billion of lost revenue to its previous assessment in late March, the report said.

It is almost three times worse than its “worst-case scenario” from five weeks ago, with around 95% of international passenger traffic now lost due to travel restrictions.

IATA also described “worrisome” signs of governments “doubling down” on international travel restrictions even when lifting lockdowns — citing developments in China and South Korea, the report said.

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